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Me, Honey Valley

I am a Northern Woman living in daily awe of universal high power guiding as and in daily celebration of our innate sexuality as our primal sacred life force. I combine understanding of human physiology and anatomy together with honoring the deep mystery of human being that is not limited only to our physical bodies.

I offer individual life coaching sessions in Sacred Sexuality which in my view covers all topics in life. Both women and men are welcome to work with me. I offer 6 session coaching packages where we dive deeper in your Sacred Sexuality. Meetings are primarily arranged through Skype. Sessions consist of talking and body work, with no explicit nudity.


Sexuality Coaching

For woman and man who feel that there are inner depth and strength in you. You want to explore and start accessing it. We do deep work around your sexuality, lensing it as your sacred primal life force. In my our work we use different holistic mind, body and spirit tools to clarify the role of this life force in your life and how to integrate past experiences and turn the wisdom of these into an ecology of thriving in a way you want to experience your sexuality. This work is a commitment of six coaching sessions to start with.

Jade Egg Coaching

Jade Egg is an ancient tool to cultivate and work with sexual energy. This coaching is for woman who has been on the path of self development but still feel some crucial piece is still undiscovered; some essential key to the aliveness and vibration that has not yet been addressed in your life. Jade Egg coaching package consist of six session of actual work with the Egg. In the free initial session we discuss how this is done the way most suitable for you. You can purchase your Jade Egg for example at Layla Martin's webstore.

I have travelled a journey of over 20 years of training in medicine and surgery. The inner sexual flame has always burnt brightly in me. I have intuitively known that tapping into it brings me to the Original Essence of myself. My life events brought me to place where I started to learn about various wisdom traditions I have heard calling me for decades, but not truly listened to that call before.

I started diving deeper in Sacred Sensuality and Sexuality. I have completed Layla Martin's VITA TM (Vital and integrated Tantric approach) in Sex, Love and Relationship 1 year long coaching programme with specialization in teaching Jade Egg. I am also an yoga instructor. I have deepened my path for several years in Priestess Presence programme of Elayne Doughty and in Priestess School of Sofia Sundari and Sofiah Thom´s The Temple Body Arts School of Sacred Sensuality and Dance. In Finland I am completing Clinical Sexology for Health Care Professionals 2 year long training in spring -20.


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